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Psychotherapy and Counselling for Anger Problems...

Counselling in Dublin - Anger Issues

Anger is a normal human emotion, not something to be pushed away, but a feeling that can inform us, motivate us, and help us to defend ourselves when needed. However, for anger to be useful in this way, it needs to be processed enough so that we can respond to it calmly and feel safe in its expression, rather than reacting to it or acting out of it in the heat of the moment. It is important to be able to feel and accept our anger and process it like any other feeling. When anger is accepted in us we are able to contain and express it as needed instead of feeling like it is taking over and controlling us.

In counselling and psychotherapy you will be given the chance to talk through and explore angry feelings in a safe and contained environment. Having a space to talk through angry feelings that may feel threatening or frightening can help you to understand what these feelings are about for you at a deeper level, can help to contain them, and offers an opportunity to express and reflect on them in a more objective way.

Out of control anger or a habit of getting into a rage when things go wrong can mask a deeper sense of vulnerability, fear, hurt, or sadness. It is a defence, a way of avoiding the softer part of ourselves. The more vulnerable part of the self may be ‘disowned’, or repressed, and psychotherapy can help to explore this other part of you, helping you, over time, to re-integrate it into your sense of who you are and supporting you to express yourself using a wider range of emotions. Uncontained anger can harm relationships, communication, and satisfaction with life. Counselling and psychotherapy offers the opportunity to address negative behaviours and to explore other modes of self-expression that can support and nurture relationships, helping you to communicate more flexibly and openly.

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