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General Counselling…

Counselling is available for a wide range of issues, however not everyone who attends counselling has a particular issue in mind. Some may wish to attend because of feelings of general confusion, stuckness, or dissatisfaction with their lives. Some may feel that they lack a sense of meaning or purpose, and still others may be feeling good enough, but would like to get to know themselves better; would like to ‘check-in’ with themselves; or work towards prevention of an issue they feel they are susceptible to.

All of these are valid reasons for seeking out the support of a counsellor or psychotherapist. It seems important, also, to say that few, if any, of us fit neatly into a single issue, and so there may be several areas a person would like to address. I provide general counselling with a focus on the person, rather than an issue, while holding what is troubling that person in mind throughout. 

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